Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm getting frustrated, aggrivated, and annoyed with young people recently...

Not saying names, I'm not one to call you out, but I'm very disappointed in this situation.

I've been seeing this a lot with agility juniors...
They have a dog... But the dog is not a popular agility breed. So, I guess it's embedded in their little minds that they must have a border collie to win in agility. They don't care what the breed is all about, they just want a winner.. Well newsflash, kids!
1.) You must train a dog to win, start working more with your current.
2.) You know, other breeds excell in agility too!
3.) All because you do "agility", doesn't make a border collie your ideal dog.
4.) You're making the fact that you're getting the dog solely for agility obvious.
Hellooooo? You know, you have to manage the dog off the agility field too... They don't just disappear.

And I'm tired of hearing the same thing from all of you, "it's not for agility. I like the breed and studied about them for three years." Oh and then they hate on me saying I had the same story... No hun, I grew up with a border collie named Cleo. I adored that dog and everything about her. She started my BC love. (RIP Cleo<3)

You can study a dog all you want, but each individual dog is unique. Hands on learning is better.

OH!! And telling people that you want a puppy from a preformance breeder, also screams "I want to win in agility!!!!"
Border Collies were bred to herd and move stock, such as sheep. Not jump hurdles and be crazy fast. Why breed a dog to be crazy fast, why can't we protect and preserve original use? I know that's why I will only obtain my BCs from strict herding lines. I'm preserving the "true" border collie. (no offense sport breeders/owners).

Then these kids picking puppies out online, not knowing their personality and picking blue merles, australian reds, blues, and lilacs. Oh that's not obvious... Choosing based soley on color... That's not right. Like really, you'll be disappointed if you pick for color, because the dog could be opposite of what you want.

Also, you do know that border collies in agility aren't automatically awesome, right? It's up to you and if you think they are easier to train, please shut up. They can be challenging if you can't handle them.
What if the dog has no drive or hates agility? Get rid of it, and get a new one? No!


Let me be blunt, from what I've seen in some videos, I hope some of you never own a Border Collie! You will ruin the poor dog.
I've seen those videos you deleted of you pulling your stressed dog through a course they didn't even know how to do.

Just... Stop... Get a breed based on you, reality is a bitch, and so I am. You don't need a borde collie.

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  1. I don't think people should just get a BC just to win or do agility. Getting a border collie to have experience training a new breed and because you love the breed makes sense. I deffinalty wouldn't say BCs are easy to train!!!! BC usually have a better work ethic than some breeds and learn things pretty quick but they are still hard to control. I agree with Kelsey some people really don't know how to handle BCs and need to figure it out b4 they go buy a puppy. (directed at no one idk what's actually going on between people this is just a comment)

  2. I agree 110%
    lol I grew up with a BC too, who started my love- WAY before I knew about agility...
    and still, I think I'd go for a rescue before I even glanced at a performance breeder.

  3. kay maybe I lied... I grew up with a multitude of working BC's.

  4. Exactly, Kathleen and Nicole.
    Nicole, same here. I wanted a border collie (and a dalmation) way before I knew or even heard of agility or other dog sports.

  5. I have two poodles and a border collie, and yes the border is the newest edition to my family. but did I get it "to win"? No way. Some people are really stupid when it comes to getting dogs. You get the dog because you like the breed's personality and other characteristics, NOT because you know a lot of winners have the dog. My poodles are regional champs and National competitors... my BC.. is a lovable spazz case. Not an instant winner or a perfect performance dog.People really need to be prepared for all of the quirks that come along with getting a BC. haha I think many people have the same idea as you when it comes to the border collie band wagon (which I jumped on, but was PREPARED before doing so)

  6. You know what the sad part is? I've heard two juniors say "I want a border collie, because they are the dominant agility breed, I will get titles, and it will be easy to train."
    Virtual punch to the face, haha.

    I can understand the older, mature juniors getting Border Collies after true study and work.

    But these young... 10-12 year old girls just don't understand yet. They need to learn that they may not be a dog for them.

  7. In my opinion, if the home is an excellent home that puts lots of time and effort into making their dogs happy, it doesn't matter what breed they get, or why they get it. If someone is getting a BC for agility BLINDLY thinking they will magically be successful, and don't want to exercise it or train it properly, then it is wrong. However, think about the dog. does the dog know or even care the motive behind getting it? Not if it is getting all of its needs met and is living an active and fulfilling life. I'd actually much rather see a person get a BC and both the dog and owner be fucking happy with each other as opposed to them getting a different breed of dog and harboring resentment towards it for whatever reason. Border collies are very attractive to people for other reasons outside of agility. Think of certain people you have met that have a magnetic personality that just draws you in. When you start agility, you trial, and you start to meet many BCs since lots of agility people have them. When you are meeting a breed so often and spending so much time around them, isn't it to be expected that you might fall for them? Sure many people buy BCs just to win, and their needs are not met off of the agility field. But do these people actually win? (win as in agility but also as in a fulfilling feeling you get when you know your dog is a perfect match to your lifestyle and personality) Not always. They realize that their little winning scheme totally backfired on them when they are unhappy living with an active dog that they can't control or make a connection with. However, think of all the people that get a BC, then another, and another, down the line. Maybe they got their first BC with questionable thought process, but they fell in love and realized how perfect BCs are for them. And in doing so, found the breed that they will be in love with forever. The simple fact is that BCs are a breed that are totally delightful to live with when they are well trained. The sport of agility attracts many good dog trainers that are also active, and it is simply a perfect match. The individual PEOPLE that succeed in agility, with whatever breed they start with, are usually the people who are well suited to owning a Border Collie. I am not discounting the fact that some people get BCs with bad intentions and the dogs live miserably boring and frustrating lives. It does happen, quite often. I know you are referring to super young people. I am referring to ~mostly~ older teens and adults. But overall, I think many of the active agility trainers out there that buy BCs are furnishing them with high quality and exciting lives and what could possibly be so wrong about that?

  8. Yes, Ria, I'm referring to those very young, can barely take care of their current dog properly people. Like the kids dragging their stressed dog through and over unfamiliar equipment, then bitching because the dog isn't comfortable with it.
    The things you said, meaning to be sent towards older mature teens/adults is very true.
    Thanks for the input!