Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bree : Big girl training!

Bree did spectacular today<3

We did some 12" serps and she was speedy and did it perfectly!! Also worked on the teeter, which she is doing great on!! Working on 2x2 weaves! She is doing soooo well!!! But no videos D: ah, oh well..

Yay Breezey!! :)
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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B R E E : 2x2 vs. WAM.

So Bree is... A year old, give or take a few days.

We started with WAM. (Weave-o-matic), which worked great with Ace.
Well, I felt like she really just wasn't clicking with the method after many sessions. She just didn't like it.

So I debated for a while, and decided to give 2x2 a try. In one session, she totally clicked! Knew exactly what I wanted, where to enter and go all the way through. Very pleased. Looks like it's going to work best. Deffinately "her" method. I'm very excited to continue 2x2 sessions and see how well it works.

Just goes to show : don't limit your weave training methods<3
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


For blog post below.
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The course I forgot to post.

Course from today (goes with the blog post below)
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A C E : June 22 Training

I love Ace soo much. We have such an extraordinary bond<3

Today I have a random course set up. The course is pictured. Um, yeah, it's not hard, at all... But it's fun. I also am obviously not using all of my equipment.

Ace is soooo fast. I'm the best sprinter on the soccer team and still can't keep up. Gahh!

His weaves are phenomenal! They have really improved, he has a switching type step, some are double feet, some are single steps, I honestly don't mind it, he's super fast!
His dogwalk, my dogwalk is screwy right now so I can't get a consistant stride yet. Going to fix the dogwalk so that we can do more (building steel adjustable base!).

His teeter is GORGEOUS. My board has a different surface than a competition plank, but he has a gorgeous slide into 2o2o at the end. It's so cool to watch. Can't wait to see how that transfer on a competition plank at purina.

He's just overall, tbe best dog I've ever had. I can't believe his speed, OH and his jump wraps!
Someone told me that he's too big to wrap tight. Baha, He's a beast at it, we don't have wings on this course and he hugs the pole so perfectly. Much tighter than some dogs for sure!

Feel free to set this course up, it's pretty fun. :)
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm getting frustrated, aggrivated, and annoyed with young people recently...

Not saying names, I'm not one to call you out, but I'm very disappointed in this situation.

I've been seeing this a lot with agility juniors...
They have a dog... But the dog is not a popular agility breed. So, I guess it's embedded in their little minds that they must have a border collie to win in agility. They don't care what the breed is all about, they just want a winner.. Well newsflash, kids!
1.) You must train a dog to win, start working more with your current.
2.) You know, other breeds excell in agility too!
3.) All because you do "agility", doesn't make a border collie your ideal dog.
4.) You're making the fact that you're getting the dog solely for agility obvious.
Hellooooo? You know, you have to manage the dog off the agility field too... They don't just disappear.

And I'm tired of hearing the same thing from all of you, "it's not for agility. I like the breed and studied about them for three years." Oh and then they hate on me saying I had the same story... No hun, I grew up with a border collie named Cleo. I adored that dog and everything about her. She started my BC love. (RIP Cleo<3)

You can study a dog all you want, but each individual dog is unique. Hands on learning is better.

OH!! And telling people that you want a puppy from a preformance breeder, also screams "I want to win in agility!!!!"
Border Collies were bred to herd and move stock, such as sheep. Not jump hurdles and be crazy fast. Why breed a dog to be crazy fast, why can't we protect and preserve original use? I know that's why I will only obtain my BCs from strict herding lines. I'm preserving the "true" border collie. (no offense sport breeders/owners).

Then these kids picking puppies out online, not knowing their personality and picking blue merles, australian reds, blues, and lilacs. Oh that's not obvious... Choosing based soley on color... That's not right. Like really, you'll be disappointed if you pick for color, because the dog could be opposite of what you want.

Also, you do know that border collies in agility aren't automatically awesome, right? It's up to you and if you think they are easier to train, please shut up. They can be challenging if you can't handle them.
What if the dog has no drive or hates agility? Get rid of it, and get a new one? No!


Let me be blunt, from what I've seen in some videos, I hope some of you never own a Border Collie! You will ruin the poor dog.
I've seen those videos you deleted of you pulling your stressed dog through a course they didn't even know how to do.

Just... Stop... Get a breed based on you, reality is a bitch, and so I am. You don't need a borde collie.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Beastly Koolie!

Haha... So...

I was outside.
Working with Ace.
When suddenly I decided to train Breeze a little. She is normally not toy motivated but goes slow with treats and I would like to push for speed, do I grabbed a tennis ball, got her interested in it and tossed it a few times.
Bree is... Approx. Almost 12 months give or take... We're doing WAM weaves because... Idk. I just want to. So of course they are slanted. She understands entries thanks to a 2x2. She gets where to go, I'm not going to close then more until her speed and confidence matches. Also, she's on low jumps. (I need to accurately measure to find out her big girl height for the future...).

So we have jumps out (only 2) and her WAM poles out for her.

Now, normally with just treats, she trots and her "jumping" (even though it's not high) was weird, like... I can't describe it, even after learning how to jump she still did it. I think it's because she was slow.
the jumps were set up like half a box.
Well, once we started sequencing the poles and two jumps, it was fantastic!! She was SOO fast, and her "jumping" was auto corrected! She even hugged close to the pole on a turn. I was so surprised, she got a lot of extra okay for it!! It's like her potential was hiding! I'm so proud :)
She also is on a 3ft dogwalk. She's very speedy and sticks a great 2o2o on the end (dog is her favorite)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, I picked this theme blog because it's pink, like ice cream... And I am hungry...

ANYWHO. has a blog, mainly where trial stuff goes!

But this... I guess this will be more like training stuff.

Anyways, Ace is a beast. :) He's got some incredible speed, I love it. We like hard international courses ;)
Bree LOVES the dogwalk. It's hilarious how fast she is. XD
Yea, idk what to say...

Post more lata! :)
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're back?

Lmfao, haven't been blogging since my first and only post in 2009. Niice.

Anyways... More to come eventually.
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