Monday, June 20, 2011

Beastly Koolie!

Haha... So...

I was outside.
Working with Ace.
When suddenly I decided to train Breeze a little. She is normally not toy motivated but goes slow with treats and I would like to push for speed, do I grabbed a tennis ball, got her interested in it and tossed it a few times.
Bree is... Approx. Almost 12 months give or take... We're doing WAM weaves because... Idk. I just want to. So of course they are slanted. She understands entries thanks to a 2x2. She gets where to go, I'm not going to close then more until her speed and confidence matches. Also, she's on low jumps. (I need to accurately measure to find out her big girl height for the future...).

So we have jumps out (only 2) and her WAM poles out for her.

Now, normally with just treats, she trots and her "jumping" (even though it's not high) was weird, like... I can't describe it, even after learning how to jump she still did it. I think it's because she was slow.
the jumps were set up like half a box.
Well, once we started sequencing the poles and two jumps, it was fantastic!! She was SOO fast, and her "jumping" was auto corrected! She even hugged close to the pole on a turn. I was so surprised, she got a lot of extra okay for it!! It's like her potential was hiding! I'm so proud :)
She also is on a 3ft dogwalk. She's very speedy and sticks a great 2o2o on the end (dog is her favorite)

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