Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A C E : June 22 Training

I love Ace soo much. We have such an extraordinary bond<3

Today I have a random course set up. The course is pictured. Um, yeah, it's not hard, at all... But it's fun. I also am obviously not using all of my equipment.

Ace is soooo fast. I'm the best sprinter on the soccer team and still can't keep up. Gahh!

His weaves are phenomenal! They have really improved, he has a switching type step, some are double feet, some are single steps, I honestly don't mind it, he's super fast!
His dogwalk, my dogwalk is screwy right now so I can't get a consistant stride yet. Going to fix the dogwalk so that we can do more (building steel adjustable base!).

His teeter is GORGEOUS. My board has a different surface than a competition plank, but he has a gorgeous slide into 2o2o at the end. It's so cool to watch. Can't wait to see how that transfer on a competition plank at purina.

He's just overall, tbe best dog I've ever had. I can't believe his speed, OH and his jump wraps!
Someone told me that he's too big to wrap tight. Baha, He's a beast at it, we don't have wings on this course and he hugs the pole so perfectly. Much tighter than some dogs for sure!

Feel free to set this course up, it's pretty fun. :)
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  1. Forgot the course pic!! I'll post it separately!